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This is an informative encyclopedia that covers LISA the Hopeful, which is a fan-work derived from Austin Jorgenson's LISA the Painful. While it is not required to have played LISA the Painful to understand this game, it is recommended in order to help you understand the world of Olathe and the numerous other fan-works to come.

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LISA the Hopeful is a fan game created by Taco-Salad and with additional content provided by fans. This game serves as an interquel to Lisa the Painful ( Hopeful covers the events involving a group of four people who had heard rumors of a girl being spotted in Backwater Olathe. They begin their search with the intention to "save the world", only for them to run out of gas in their station-wagon. The leader of three young men, Rodriguez, send off his crew, Beltboy, Lanks, and Cyclops, to get gasoline for their car so they may continue their search. A simple task that goes horribly wrong when one gang, the Lovelies, makes their presence known.

Unlike LISA the Painful, Hopeful is a solely linear experience that is light on the back tracking, with a somewhat permanent party that is not prone to being trimmed down due to instant death attacks. As such, you are given a lot of time to get accustomed to the three protagonists and understand their abilities, with an optional character or two to recruit under certain circumstances. Like Painful, it does offer the option to tackle the game in Pain mode (the hard difficulty), which limits your save points to once per crow, makes battles more difficult and unlocks content that normally would not be available under the normal difficulty, including an additional party member should the player fulfill certain conditions. Joy is also reintroduced, which serves the same purpose, both positive and negative.

The game had received two major updates that cleaned up the overall presentation, introduces new music tracks, new enemies, additional scenes, rebalancing the core gameplay mechanics, and content exclusive to pain mode (accessible when certain conditions are met). The Definitive Update is the final update for the game, save for the occasional bug fixes.

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